2017 Course Announced: Whangarei, New Zealand

Stillness to Action, Silence to Text: A three-week exploration

In this three-week exploration we will investigate the power of stillness and silence through one of the great building blocks of the actor’s craft – the Neutral Mask. We will explore how the mask can help an actor’s body and voice become more fluid, strong and responsive to impulse while deepening and stretching the imagination. The whole palette is enlarged, allowing the actor to be truly strong and vulnerable on stage, consequently free to create new work and build character.
Participants will experience absolute transformation without effort and tension – performance which is light, playful and profound.
During the course we will approach potent text from a myriad of different traditions, Greek Tragedy to Shakespeare, Beckett to Brecht. We will learn how this work can be used as a starting point for approaching text so that our performance is potent, vibrant and authentic.
We will create choruses of water and stone, of paper and acid. Heroes speak as music, as colours, and characters communicate with the spontaneity of the Neutral Mask; seeing and experiencing everything for the first time.
This course will be transformative for body and mind – allowing new pathways and tools for the beginner to the experienced performer.

$1,200 NZD
10am – 4pm, Monday to Friday
20th March – 7th April

Download application form (pdf) | Download application form (Word)

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